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Aerial photography is nothing new, what we offer has some advantages over conventional photography. We can produce a high resolution geo-referenced mosaic. That means we stitch a large number of photos together to produce one large photo. In addition each pixel on the final photo corresponds to a real world coordinate. When our final product is used with GIS software you can identify the exact location of what you see in the aerial photos. When combined with our other payloads such as LiDAR , thermal or the magnetometers the possibilities are very exciting.


The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is an index of plant “greenness” or photosynthetic activity, and is one of the most commonly used vegetation indices. Vegetation indices are based on the observation that different surfaces reflect different types of light differently. NDVI is most successful in attempting to simply and quickly identify vegetated areas and their "condition," and it remains the most well-known and used index to detect live green plant canopies in multispectral remote sensing data. Once the feasibility to detect vegetation had been demonstrated, users tended to also use the NDVI to quantify the photosynthetic capacity of plant canopies.


Hyperspectral imaging, like other spectral imaging, collects and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. The goal of hyperspectral imaging is to obtain the spectrum for each pixel in the image of a scene, with the purpose of finding objects, identifying materials, or detecting processes. Remote chemical imaging of a simultaneous release of SF6and NH3 at 1.5km using the Telops Hyper-Cam imaging spectrometer. Remote chemical imaging of a simultaneous release of SF6and NH3 at 1.5km using the Telops Hyper-Cam imaging spectrometer.


Thermal imaging can determine Hot/Cold spots through real time video. It can be used to Diagnose failures before they occur Track and count wildlife and human activity Large container volume and leak detection Infrastructure Dam/Bridge cracking


LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is the latest technology in terrain mapping. It can produce extremely high definition DEM maps as well as 3D images of buildings and other objects. The instrument consists of many pairs of lasers which reflect off the surface of the ground or objects. The LiDAR sensor is able to measure the distance to a target as well as other characteristics of the target. The result is a 3D collection of points that can be used to produce a variety of maps and data. Our system utilizes our on-board RTK-GPS and IMU to accurately map each point in 3D space.


We can create orthomosaic maps with uniform scale using geometric corrections. Our software can account for the tilt of the earth, the tilt of the camera lens, and topographic relief.

What some of our Clients are saying

Pollutuion Managemenrt Inc
“The ArkUAV team is on the front end of some of the most disruptive technology I have ever seen.”

Tom Jones, Pollution Management Incorporated
Adkins, McNeill, Smith & Associates
“Brads team helped get my property sold. They showed the value of the property from a point of view that nobody else in the state can offer. They were quick, professional, and price competitive.”

Donna Cranford, Adkins, McNeill, Smith & Associates
Agricultural Council Of Arkansas
“ArkUAV is bringing some very exciting technology to Arkansas, and for agriculture it promises to be a game changer. Brad and his team are certainly leaders in unmanned aerial systems, and I would say they offer the most experience and expertise available today. They are true professionals.”

Andrew Grobmyer, Arkansas Agricultural Council
Entergy Inc. Transmission & Substation
“Working with ARK UAV was a wonderful process. We were able to get some shot that could not be obtained any other way. I look forward to working with them again in the future..”

John W. Ellis III PMP, Project Manager Entergy Inc. Transmission & Substation
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  • Arkansas Razorback Football
  • Around the Harvest
  • Above the Harvest
  • Rice Harvest Arkansas


ArkUAV provides affordable solutions for the industries that power Arkansas’ economy. ArkUAV's technology delivers bottom-line results.

We customize and enhance unmanned aerial vehicles with state of the art video hardware, sensors and analytic tools capable of gathering invaluable data. Our aerial systems have far-reaching potential for Energy and Utility Services, Agriculture and Forestry Management. 

Call 855-4-ARKUAV or email us for more information on how a system from ArkUAV can help your business reach new heights.


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